Odenbreit Law’s unique litigation experience provides clients with an aggressive, creative and cost-efficient approach to handling employment matters.  As litigators from both sides of the isle, Odenbreit Law provides a balanced insight to our clients’ disputes.


Why Odenbreit Law?


The consumer or employee advocate you choose, regardless of which side you are on, should be experienced, well-respected and genuinely interested in your case.  A good lawyer will be able to determine whether you are entitled to relief, potentially liable for claims and will be honest in their assessment of your case.  Odenbreit Law specializes in the prosecution and defense of class and group actions as well as assisting small businesses from being the subject of such actions.  Group action cases have their own unique and complex issues that need to be handled by experienced litigators.  Odenbreit Law has proven litigators representing clients throughout California and the United States in both state and federal courts.  In addition, we provide personalized service to our clients.


How We Can Help


At Odenbreit Law, we believe that most employers want to abide by the law and take good care of their employees.  In an area of law that is ever evolving, especially in California, that can be a challenging prospect.  We also believe that employees work hard for their employers and become disappointed when they learn an employer has not followed the law.  Odenbreit Law’s primary objective is to make sure employees and employers are protected in order to continue a harmonious and prosperous relationship.


Product Defect:  Have you purchased a defective product?  Have you been the victim of false advertising?  Have you suffered injury from medications or medical devices? Has a product you have purchased been the subject of a recall?  If so, our consumer protection/mass tort professionals can help.


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